About us

Welcome to CHIRP Bebe!

As a mother myself, bringing a new life into this ever-changing world called me to action. As the CEO and Founder of CHIRP Bebe, I am honored to provide a new resource in the fight against harmful pathogens. Parents have always known the importance of keeping our children safe and germ free. We also know how challenging that can be! Who hasn't wondered how safe it will be for our child to put that dreaded pacifier back into their mouth after a fall onto an unforgiving floor. So, let us bring the luxury of a consciously crafted, stylish diaper bag providing 360 degrees of 99.9% effective odor reducing disinfection into your busy, hectic, on the go schedule.

Convenience and clean technology are at hand with the CHIRP Bebe SmartGuard Disinfecting Diaper Bag.